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Addiction Treatment for Women - Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs - Willow Beach, AZ.

Drug rehab for women in Willow Beach provides females fighting with any type of substance abuse problem the privacy, support and dignity they deserve during their recovery. In many instances, there are gender specific reasons why women begin abusing addictive substances. Studies show that up to 70% of women in addiction treatment programs report being a victim of physical or sexual abuse. In a substance abuse rehab program for adult women, treatment staff are sensitive to these challenges and treatment can focus on specific parts of a woman's life that need to be addressed so that healing can start. A rehabilitation facility for women is also going to be a safe and secure place for these clients, who do not about any other abuse during their treatment.

There are also instances where women struggle with co-occurring disorders that should be handled while they are in treatment. For example, an eating disorder is something that can cause distress and could be a trigger for substance abuse for some women. Both problems should be handled simultaneously in a drug and alcohol rehab program that is prepared to do so. A facility which addresses co-occurring disorders would have a therapist or psychologist on staff to help pinpoint and handle these types of issues.

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