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Addiction Treatment Programs for Seniors - Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs - Guerneville, CA.

There are more seniors that suffer with substance abuse than you would think, and it is never too late for anyone in Guerneville to receive professional help for addiction so that they can enjoy the rest of their lives and be as mentally and physically healthy as possible. The most common substance abuse issues among seniors are alcohol abuse and prescription drug abuse. In many cases, this is a dual issue where seniors are addicted to both alcohol and prescription medications at the same time, a dangerous combination. When coupled with the reality that seniors commonly have other physical and mental health issues that must be handled at the same time, it is important that any senior looking for treatment should find a rehab program that includes treatment for co-occurring disorders.

Rehab facilities which offer addiction treatment for seniors have staff qualified to deliver substance abuse treatment and general elderly health care, including behavioral health services. Treatment will be more successful in an inpatient rehabilitation center, and a safe detox from alcohol and any medications that the person has become dependent to but needs to be weaned off of will be the first step. A complete evaluation of both physical and psychological health conditions will be performed so that they can be addressed at the same time, because these issues are commonly the cause of the addiction to begin with. A complete recovery plan will be put into place that will target the specific and personal needs of the senior.

There are 1 Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers offering this service in Guerneville, CA

  • Sonoma County Behavioral Health
    16390 Main Street
    Guerneville, CA. 95446

    Treatment Services Offered:
    Addiction Treatment Programs for Seniors

    Payment Forms Accepted:
    Military Insurance
    Payment Assistance
    Private Health Insurance
    Cash or Self Payment
    State Financed Health Insurance Plan Other Than Medicaid

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