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When a person is quitting drugs or alcohol, they will typically feel symptoms of withdrawal as their body detoxifies. Detox may be managed in a professional detox center or treatment center so that the client has eliminated all of the drugs from the body and they are physically and mentally balanced, and of course off drugs and no longer drinking.

There are a number of different types of detox in or near Magnolia that people can select from. Different substances produce different withdrawal symptoms, and some individuals may be at risk of critical side effects of withdrawal and may need closer monitoring and more intensive engagement. Either way, anyone considering detox or wanting to quit heavy drug or alcohol use should always do so at a qualified facility and not on their own. This is because of some of the health risks associated with withdrawal, but also because it reduces the chances of relapse. A relapse during detox can at times cause an accidental overdose, so receiving professional detoxification services and gaining access to a strong system of support could actually save your life.

Some programs offer a holistic and natural detox, when it isn't likely that there will be any risks or complications based off of the person's current health and drug history. Even severe physically based addictions, like heroin addiction, are not life-threatening but produce harsh withdrawal symptoms in the beginning stages of detoxification. These symptoms steadily decrease within a few days without much intervention and can be accomplished without medications of any kind through a holistic detox.

Medically assisted detoxification takes place in an inpatient setting with the use of prescription medications. This could be required for someone who is suffering from alcoholism and will require medication to alleviate life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, which is also the case with particular prescription drugs that people develop dependence to. Medically assisted detox may also be desirable among opioid dependent clients, who would prefer to receive medications to temporarily alleviate opioid withdrawal symptoms as they come off of heroin or prescription opioid medications.

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