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There are a few alcohol and drug treatment programs that help individuals through their struggles with drug and alcohol addiction completely free. For example, there are government-funded alcohol and drug treatment facilities that are publicly funded or even paid for via either state/federal funds. Some of these programs work out of mentalhealth facilities paid for by the state or funded via local municipalities, and substance abuse rehab centers and clinics. Many of these centers have particular criteria that clients in Coralville need to meet to qualify for treatment, and clients of lower income and with limited or no   insurance are usually the most common clients at rehabs where no payment is accepted. To receive treatment at a rehab where no payment is accepted, you may need to show your residency in the state and possibly your legal residency in the United States, provide income information or lack thereof, and be open to an assessment of your drug history, physical health and mental health.

If a person if looking for a substance abuse rehab program where no payment is accepted, a great place to start their search is with their state or local substance abuse and mental health departments. Another assistance source is local church organizations and similar faith-based groups who run programs which include services for drug and alcohol addiction and dependency. Some of these organizations even provide beds for clients while they are in treatment and until they get back on their feet.

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