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Addiction Treatment for Adult Men - Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs - Louisville, IL.

Drug rehab programs for adult men allow for male recovery clients in Louisville to involve themselves in treatment and recovery with the peer support and environmental comfort that can only be obtained in a gender specific program. Just as women excel in programs designed only for women, adult men face many life challenges and challenges to their sobriety that only other men can understand. There is considerable understanding and empathy from fellow men in recovery, and kindhearted rehabilitation counselors and rehab staff who know what they are going through and how to meet their unique needs.

Men typically abuse substances at higher rates than women, but also tend to finish treatment at higher rates than women. When attending a program for adult men, this increases the chances for full program completion because male clients aren't exposed to the distractions they may experience in a co-ed facility. This provides complete immersion into the rehab experience, where clients can work through male specific issues and work with their peers and counselors to clear them up. Many drug rehab programs for adult men provide depression and suicide prevention because men are at greater risk of suicide according to statistics, as well as holistic (drug free) treatment, treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders and anger management.

There are 1 Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facilities offering this service in Louisville, IL

  • Clay County Counseling Services
    125 Broadway Street
    Louisville, IL. 62858

    Treatment Services Offered:
    Drug Rehab Programs for Adult Men

    Payment Forms Accepted:
    Military Insurance
    Private Health Insurance
    Cash or Self Payment

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