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Access to Recovery Voucher - Alcohol and Drug Rehab Facilities - Edgewood, MD.

If an individual in Edgewood needs drug or alcohol rehab and doesn't have private health insurance or the money to pay for the rehab program in full, the Access to Recovery Voucher is possibly an option to consider. ATR is a federally-funded plan which makes it possible for individuals to access treatment facilities and services including inpatient, intensive outpatient, regular outpatient, continuing care, counseling, recovery and life coaching, skills building, vocational training, and transportation assistance. The ATR grant program provides those individuals with vouchers to purchase rehabilitation and recovery support services for addiction disorders at the provider of their choice. To qualify for ATR clients must fulfill certain criteria, including: 1) be at least 18 years of age, 2) have a history of substance abuse and addiction, 3) have an annual income that is below 200% of the Federal poverty level, and 4) reside in the counties or jurisdictions that provide ATR.

Individuals interested in the Access to Recovery Voucher can consult with ATR Service Coordinators in their area. If someone's original choice of treatment or rehab center isn't working out, they can consult with their coordinator to find one that is and that accepts the ATR.

There are 1 Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Programs offering this service in Edgewood, MD

  • Global Healthcare Systems Inc
    2203 Philadelphia Road
    Edgewood, MD. 21040

    Treatment Services Offered:
    Cognitive Behavior Therapy
    DWI Clients
    Intensive Outpatient Treatment
    Outpatient Drug Rehab
    Regular Outpatient Treatment
    Private Organization
    Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services
    Smoking Allowed In Designated Area
    Young Adults

    Payment Forms Accepted:
    Access To Recovery Voucher

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