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Clients Referred from the Court - Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers - Gardnerville, NV.

Clients referred from the court for drug or alcohol treatment are most commonly referred because they are being granted a chance to receive rehab in lieu of jail time, other charges, fines, etc. While this is more prevalent among first time offenders, it can occur at any point including while the defendant is already incarcerated. There are various types of rehab programs that offenders can be referred to, and this depends on what is available in Gardnerville and the type of substance they'll need treatment for.

There are recovery programs that work primarily with the courts to administer to this explicit group of clientele, and are usually state or federally funded or are available at no cost or very little cost to the client. There are also private drug treatment centers that can be authorized by the court if there is a specific type of rehabilitation that the client needs or desires that a different program can't fulfill. The client's legal representation can request such options to the judge for acceptance. There are even drug rehab programs that provide services from the correctional facilities themselves, in which case clients are typically in a better position for reduced sentences or other leniencies when engaging in substance abuse rehabilitation services while serving their time for a drug offense or a DUI/DWI.

There are 1 Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs offering this service in Gardnerville, NV

  • Tahoe Youth and Family Services
    1512 Highway 395
    Gardnerville, NV. 89410

    Treatment Services Offered:
    Clients Referred From The Court

    Payment Forms Accepted:
    Payment Assistance
    Private Health Insurance
    Cash or Self Payment
    State Financed Health Insurance Plan Other Than Medicaid
    Sliding Fee Scale

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