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Drug and Alcohol Treatment options in Andover, NH. can vary between inpatient, outpatient, short term rehab and many other types of treatment. Speaking to a drug addiction specialist who knows the differences in recovery programs can be a helpful resource in picking the right rehabilitation facility.

Paying for an Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Andover, NH.

Due to the current state of the economy, many addiction treatment programs have created methods for helping people handle the cost of treatment. Some have even put up multiple financing options in conjunction with major lenders to help those affected by substance abuse - either directly or indirectly - spread out their payments over a given time period.

To this end, if you are going through a rough patch financially or if you lack insurance coverage, you can still receive financing for your treatment (or that of a loved one or family member).

You might even be able to locate alcohol and drug treatment programs in Andover that treat payments in the same way that universities and colleges do. These helpful treatment programs may look at your financial standing before they potentially alter your costs accordingly.

Therefore, you should never give up hope that you won't receive thehelp] that you need for yourdrug and alcohol addiction] just because you do not haveinsurance coverage]. There are manyspecialized treatment facilities] that willassist] you in one way or the other until youget proper addiction treatment care].

So, exactly howmuch] is, say, a30] day short-termtreatment] program? Generally speaking, 30-dayrehabilitation] programs might takevarious] forms, and thetotal] cost will bedetermined by] two main factors, including thetype of care] (such as ainpatient] versus an outpatient program) as well as thefacilities] that therehab]program] willprovide].

For the 4 main levels of care in Andover, the general ranges might include:

a)Outpatient Treatment]

In anoutpatient program], you will be able toenter] therehabilitation] facility about 5 daysevery] week for aset] period of time to see a counselor and to take any medications that might have been prescribed for youralcohol or drug addiction].

Although there aresome] free outpatientrehabilitation]centers], youshould]figure] to paysomewhere] between $1,000 and $10,000 for such a program. Theamount] willdepend] on thetype of program you choose].

b) IntensiveOutpatient]

The next level up from outpatient programs in Andover, intensive outpatienttreatment]programs] will allow you tokeep up with your normal daily schedule]. However, youwill have to] spend acouple] of hours at the treatmentprogram] on most days of the week.

Intensive outpatientrehab]facilities] willusually] costanywhere]in the range of] $3,500 and $11,000.

c) Partial Hospitalization

Ina program such as this],you will be required] to spend a minimum of 3 days a week at a treatmentfacility] forup] to 5 hoursover each session]. During this time,you will attend a therapy session], learn aboutsubstance abuse] anddrug/alcohol avoidance strategies], andlearn] skills tocope] with yoursubstance use disorder].

The costs at partial hospitalization programstypically] runanywhere from] $7000 to $20,000.

d) Residential - Inpatient

As an inpatient at a residentialalcohol and drug]rehabilitation]center] in Andover, you will beliving full-time] at thefacility], and have all your needs met - includingmeals],board],exercises], andtherapy].

Additional Costs

a) Admission Fees

b) Detox

This is theinitial] step to recovery, and itshould] ideally come before youstart] fulltreatment] forsubstance abuse].Detox]may] costanywhere]between] $300 to $800 per day. Therefore, youcan]figure] to pay somethingalong the line of] $1,500 and $4,000with] an average of aboutfive] days for detoxification. However, thiscost] mayrise] if youare in need of] an emergency detox.

c) Pharmacotherapy

d) Aftercare

Even after youundergo] treatment for yoursubstance abuse], you should still continue taking the steps required to help you maintain your sobriety and continue rebuilding your life.

Manypeople], for instance, choose toparticipate] in free 12-step programs such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. Othersjoin]transitional] living homes where they get to live incommunities] that are focused onhelping] everyresident] to staydrug and alcohol free]. Like other types of housing, theseenvironments]change]accordingly] in terms ofprice] based on thekind] of home you join.

Whilethinking about] whether theprice] ofalcohol and drug rehab facility] in Andover is worth it, you should remember totake a look at] the bigger picture. Over the short term, full rehabilitationmight]seem] like a large investment. However, without it,the price could be more than just money].

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