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Drug Rehab West Monroe, Louisiana

The city of West Monroe, Louisiana is located in the Ouachita Parish. Situated on the Ouachita River, the city has 13,065 residents (2010 census). Often referred to as one of the Twin Cities of northeast Louisiana, the city of West Monroe is located across from its neighboring city of Monroe. Most recently a few of the city's more famous past and current residents include the stars from Duck Dynasty (T.V Show), Cassidy Riley (Professional Wrestler), Andrew Whitworth (NFL Offensive Guard), Webb Pierce (Country Music Hall of Fame) and Don Shows (Champion Football Coach).

The citizens of West Monroe, Louisiana know the difficulties of alcohol and drug addiction just like other more populated cities and parishes in the state. Louisiana has a number of different drug rehab programs located throughout the state to provide residents of West Monroe the opportunity to overcome their addiction problems. Drug rehab programs range from short-term to long-term in treatment length running just a few weeks to several months on end depending on the program one chooses to enroll in. Residents have their choice of inpatient, residential, outpatient, sober living, support groups and a number of addiction counselors to choose from. The right treatment approach is different for each resident and dependent on the severity of their addiction as well as their ability to commit to either a short-term, long-term or outpatient program. While it is tempting to choose an outpatient program so that one can continue to live at home and maintain their daily life, this type of program is best suited for those looking for minimal support and guidance in achieving and maintaining their sobriety. Residents who have a long history of substance abuse or alcoholism will need to attend a long-term inpatient or residential Louisiana drug rehab program in order to detox if physically addicted to a substance as well as begin learning to live each day as a clean and sober individual before returning to their day to day life.

Successful Intervention Strategies - West Monroe, LA.

There are various intervention methods and strategies that people in West Monroe may want to use. The most popular among these consist of the Johnson Intervention Model, the Family Invitational Model, and the Systemic Intervention Model.

a) The Johnson Model

This is the model that most people visualize when they think about a drug intervention. This strategy consists of confronting the addict when they least expect it, and then telling them how their actions and behavior have been affecting both themselves as well as each one of the family members and friends.

The team will then insist that the addict get treatment from a program already set up by the family - going so far as to reiterate that they will provide their support throughout the endeavor. If the addict refuses to go to rehab, the team will make ultimatums, usually referred to as guidelines, outlining the consequences the addict will suffer if they refuse treatment.

This real threat of consequences is what many people say makes the Johnson Model among the most effective of all the intervention approaches. Nevertheless, some loved ones may feel that it involves too much confrontation, and prefer to opt for a different intervention approach.

b) The Family Invitational Model

This is another approach you might want to consider. The main idea is that it does not come with the surprise confrontation like the previously discussed model. Instead, the addict will know what is going to happen when they are invited to the arranged meeting.

The addict will also be given the freedom to decide if they will participate in the intervention meeting, as well as respond to the issues and the proposed solutions raised at the intervention.

c) The Systemic Intervention Model

In this model, the family and loved ones will meet up with a trained and certified therapist - with the addict present. The therapist will supervise and direct the discussions towards healing and finding appropriate solutions to the problem - which may or may not consist of the addict checking into a substance abuse treatment program.

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