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Drug Rehab Westport, Connecticut

Drug Rehab choices in Westport, Connecticut can range between residential, outpatient, long-term and various other options. Speaking with a drug counselor who is educated in the differences in recovery programs can be an useful resource in picking the proper rehab program.

Finding the Right Drug Rehabilitation Program in Westport, CT.

If you are struggling with substance abuse, or a loved one is, the logical thing you should do is to find an appropriate addiction rehabilitation facility in Westport. Still, substance abuse rehabilitation facilities differ on many fronts - such as location, convenience, ease of access, treatment plans, and others. Consequently, discovering the proper one might prove to be a difficult process - with some addicts questioning whether it makes sense to go to a facility close to home, in Westport or a distance away in another state or city.

The most important thing you first must do, prior to even thinking about the location of the rehab facility is to recognize that you have an addiction problem and commit to enrolling into the most appropriate treatment program, regardless of location.

Yet, this is mostly easier said than done - and is why deciding on the right rehab program can be so challenging for many. Since some worry about how going to addiction rehabilitation will affect and influence their lives, others worry about what will happen to their present lives, for instance with their job, family, children, their home, rent, bills, etc. while they are away attending the rehab program.

Therefore, the more knowledge you collect about addiction rehab and recovery - including what you might expect when you attend rehab, the duration of the program, and the cost, etc. - the easier it will become for you to get started in rehab. This knowledge might also prove to be the tipping point between full recovery and sobriety on the one hand and relapse on the other.

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6 treatment listings in or near Westport, Connecticut:

AA Meetings in Westport:

  • Sunday Night
    101 Park St.
    Westport, CT. 6880

    Sunday - 8:00 PM
  • Sober Today
    526 Old Colony Rd.
    Westport, CT. 6880

    Tuesday - 7:00 PM

NA meetings in Westport:

  • Hall Brook Hospital
    47 Long Lots Road
    Westport, CT. 06880

    Sunday - 8:30 PM
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