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Heroin in Illinois

According the National Institutes of Health in Washington D.C., heroin continues to be the major opiate abused in Chicago and the surrounding areas of Illinois. In 2015, the most recent report states that 761 Illinoisans died from heroin overdose. That number could still rise because of ongoing investigations.

The overdose rates in Illinois have exploded in recent years as they have in the rest of the country, but few states have shown increases like the Land of Lincoln. In Illinois, the average rate of overdose deaths increased by nearly 66 percent since 2001, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Addiction to opiates, mainly heroin, continues to be the number one complaint presented when entering drug treatment in many areas of the state, not only the Chicago metropolitan area.

Many of the current heroin addiction cases in the state started with the abuse of prescription opiates. Overdose of any abused drugs caused 986 deaths in 2002 in Illinois and in 2014 that number had risen to over 1700, mostly due to increases in opiates such as pain medication and heroin.

But a research report released by the Illinois Consortium of Drug Policy stated in August that the state's treatment capacity dropped by 50% from 2007 to 2012 bringing Illinois down to the third worst state in the nation. Kathleen Kane-Willis, the director of the Consortium said that since 2012, It's likely that Illinois has lost even further capacity and is probably now the worst state in the country

The Illinois Department of Human Services reports that effects of Heroin abuse include:

For those battling addiction to heroin, prescription opioids or any addictive drug, treatment is the only realistic option. Drug-free, long term help in an experienced rehabilitation program is really the best chance for survival and recovery.

Illicit Drug Use in the Past Month among Persons Aged 12 or Older in Illinois, by Substate Region: Percentages, Annual Averages Based on 2010, 2011, and 2012 NSDUHs (Source: SAMHSA, Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality, National Survey on Drug Use and Health)

In Illinois, in the first half of 2013, 0.8 % of total drug reports were identified as hydrocodone, compared with 1.0% of the total in the first half of 2012.

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