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Residential Plus Outpatient - Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Facilities - Falls Village, CT.

Treatment facilities which provide residential treatment with an added option in relation to continuum of care, with additional outpatient substance abuse rehabilitation services, can be helpful for some recovering addicts in Falls Village. Examples of this are those who have not been successful at remaining sober without relapse following outpatient treatment or who have relapsed in residential or other inpatient programs when no further aftercare was provided. Relapse is not uncommon when a person has suffered with a chronic long-term addiction problem, so residential plus outpatient addiction treatment programs provide a new method which will increase the chances for a successful recovery from the start of their rehabilitation until they are entirely integrated back into a drug free lifestyle with a support system to encourage this.

When someone is attending a residential rehabilitation program they are in a very good position to receive the correct treatment vital to their recovery, and to be able to stay drug free while they are in rehab. This is not often what happens with outpatient treatment when someone chooses this as the primary treatment option, solely because they have access to drugs and alcohol if something is triggered and they are not in a position to get the support they need. Relapse is tremendously less likely for a person who gets aggressive and personalized rehabilitation in a residential program, and then continues to be involved in outpatient addiction treatment provided by residential programs who construct a treatment plan that will help them smoothly transition back into drug free life. Residential plus outpatient substance abuse rehabilitation facilities help clients develop an aftercare plan that might include frequent follow-up visits with counselors who can refer them to services that may help them organize their lives in a way that will encourage the drug free life they want to live, such as services to help them obtain employment, receive medical and mental services, receive education resources, etc.

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