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Seniors or Older Adults - Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers - Dover Foxcroft, ME.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers which serve the specific and unique needs of seniors and older adults can be more helpful for this client demographic. Senior and older adult focused recovery services can be helpful with the initial stigma that these clients feel they may experience when going to treatment and it offers support from others in the same stage of life who empathize and understand the unique difficulties they encounter. In mixed age programs seniors and older adults can at times be less willing to contribute completely in group activities with younger clients who are not familiar with their age related and generational unique challenges. Drug and Alcohol rehab programs that provide a more age relating forum for seniors and older adults can deliver a platform of mutual understanding, respect, and support to handle the difficulties in rehab.

Treatment staff at substance abuse treatment programs for seniors and older adults are prepared to offer their unique expertise with these clients to resolve age-related, generational, and broader substance abuse related issues alike, while also taking into account any specific physical or mental impairments and challenges this group of client faces while in rehab. Program curriculum for seniors and older adults may be produced with verbal or audio impairments in mind, such as larger type in reading material or treatment counselors who are prepared to accommodate such needs of older clients by the means of individual and group counseling sessions.

Seniors and older adults are disproportionately prone to the abuse of alcohol and prescription drugs, and as part of treatment many require medical assistance not just through safe detox but to establish which medical drugs should be eliminated or continued as part of their recovery plan and their transition to a healthy lifestyle that will prolong their life.

There are 1 Alcohol and Drug Treatment Facilities offering this service in Dover Foxcroft, ME

  • Mayo Regional Hospital
    69 High Street
    Dover Foxcroft, ME. 4426

    Treatment Services Offered:
    Substance Abuse Treatment Programs for Seniors or Older Adults

    Payment Forms Accepted:
    Military Insurance
    Payment Assistance
    Private Health Insurance
    Cash or Self Payment
    State Financed Health Insurance Plan Other Than Medicaid
    Sliding Fee Scale

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