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Mental health treatment is often an essential part of the treatment of drug & alcohol abuse disorders, because a considerably large number of people with an addiction disorder also suffer with a co-occurring mental health problem. The necessity for dual diagnosis rehabilitation has become more and more evident over the last several years, and many rehab centers in Dillon also provide dual diagnosis treatment as part of a broader spectrum of services in addition to conventional and more progressive rehabilitation methods.

In many instances, mental health treatment starts with the initial diagnosis of the person's disorder, especially when substance abuse is involved. Often, the client doesn't even realize they have an undiagnosed anxiety disorder or are struggling with depression until it is discovered in a mental health clinic or treatment facility. Once diagnosed, actions can be put forth to help the person resolve issues and become more stable, and this can involve the use of specific psychotherapies, counseling, and perhaps medication or cessation of medication. In many instances however, individuals struggling with a dual diagnosis are self-medicating with substance use or possibly misusing their medications. In these circumstances, treatment staff and medical practitioners can evaluate medication histories and propose actions which can be introduced to eliminate the need for medication. People can be carefully weaned off of medications which are doing more harm than good, or those which they tend to misuse.

There are 1 Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs offering this service in Dillon, MT

  • Western Montana Mental Health Center
    234 East Reeder Street
    Dillon, MT. 59725

    Treatment Services Offered:
    Mental Health Treatment

    Payment Forms Accepted:
    Military Insurance
    Private Health Insurance
    Cash or Self Payment
    State Financed Health Insurance Plan Other Than Medicaid
    Sliding Fee Scale

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