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Short Term Addiction Treatment - Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers - Mebane, NC.

Short Term drug rehabilitation is a phrase used for substance abuse rehab that is brief, and   lasts anywhere from fourteen to thirty days in either an inpatient or residential treatment center. Because treatment is so brief, it is an ideal option cost-wise in most cases and for people who can't endure long-term treatment.

Most short-term drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Mebane offer psychotherapy and individual/group counseling which in the context of addiction treatment is essentially relapse prevention. Because of the short time clients are in treatment, most people will need to experience full detoxification before beginning services. One of the disadvantages of treatment at a short-term drug rehab program is that individuals may still be experiencing the initial phases of withdrawal and may be more unfocused than someone who has detoxed and stabilized fully. This can make treatment within the timeframe much harder as people may be moody and physically uncomfortable and experiencing intense physical and emotional cravings.

Recidivism rates are understandably greater among people who only receive short term rehab . People who participate in short term drug and alcohol rehabilitation and then transition into an intensive outpatient program or day rehab program at least have better odds of maintaining their sobriety, because they will keep up a support system while they progress in their new sober lifestyle.

There are 4 Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facilities offering this service near Mebane, NC

  • Fellowship Hall Inc
    (25.8 miles from Mebane, North Carolina)
    5140 Dunstan Road
    Greensboro, NC. 27405

    Treatment Services Offered:
    Short Term Drug Rehab

    Payment Forms Accepted:
    Private Health Insurance
    Cash or Self Payment
    State Financed Health Insurance Plan Other Than Medicaid
  • Marys House
    (30.2 miles from Mebane, North Carolina)
    520 Guilford Avenue
    Greensboro, NC. 27401

    Treatment Services Offered:
    Short Term Drug Rehab

    Payment Forms Accepted:
    Payment Assistance
  • Transitions Mentoring Servs LLC
    (32.4 miles from Mebane, North Carolina)
    2D Terrace Way
    Greensboro, NC. 27403

    Treatment Services Offered:
    Short Term Drug Rehab

  • First Step Services LLC
    (34.2 miles from Mebane, North Carolina)
    128 Quade Drive
    Cary, NC. 27513

    Treatment Services Offered:
    Short Term Drug Rehab

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