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State Financed Health Insurance Plan Other Than Medicaid - Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Facilities - Little Compton, RI.

There are rehab programs available in some states for state residents to get treatment for a substance abuse disorder with resources offered by state financed health insurance, other than Medicaid. State financed health insurance plans which cover drug and alcohol rehabilitation often offer these services in state run facilities, and the population group typically targeted to receive this type of coverage through state health insurance are individuals who are homeless, living under the poverty level in that state, have income that meets the requirement to be covered by the state plan, and for those who don't have Medicaid or any other health coverage. In most cases, addiction treatment covered through state financed health insurance plans other than Medicaid is entirely free of charge.

State financed health insurance plans, other than Medicaid, which cover substance abuse rehabilitation often offer a restricted spectrum of services but may offer services that include detoxification and immediate intervention services to help the individual quit using as quickly and safely as possible. This may be available in a safe and stable inpatient or residential treatment center, with options to then move into sober living facilities or comparable aftercare facilities which can provide housing and other necessities until the person can get stable and find a way to live and work outside of treatment and sober living.

The services offered by each state providing health insurance plans other than Medicaid can vary and there may be limited availability in certain facilities, but residents in Little Compton can contact an administrative office for state financed health plans to find out their eligibility and what is required to get started in a rehab facility quickly.

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