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Pregnant and Postpartum Women - Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facilities - Seahurst, WA.

The need for drug and alcohol rehab centers for pregnant and postpartum women has never been greater, with special regards to opioid dependent pregnant and postpartum women because cases of neonatal abstinence syndrome have increased from 7 cases per 1,000 admissions to neonatal intensive care units in 2004 to 27 cases per 1,000 admissions in 2013. Treatment centers available to pregnant and postpartum women in Seahurst offer a comprehensive spectrum of services, non-punitive in nature, to make getting clean from drugs and alcohol a reality, allow opioid dependent mothers transition into a drug free and healthy pregnancy with non-opioid dependent newborn children, and get the rehabilitation they need to stay abstinent during postpartum.

States that offer pregnant and postpartum mothers with rehab services rather than legal consequences, including revocation of their parental rights, have found that these measures support the idea of maintaining the family together and maintaining the mother's abstinence and sobriety in place so that this positively impact's the welfare of the newborns and other children involved. Services provided at these types of rehabilitation programs might involve group, individual, and family therapy as well as prenatal and postpartum care. Some rehab centers may even provide education and training in parenthood and incorporate trauma-specific services to work on any type of abusive relationships which stimulate their drug or alcohol abuse as well as sexual and emotional abuse for everyone in the family.

Many women in this position typically require comprehensive outpatient treatment services, yet face many challenges to their sobriety due to the difficult nature of being a single parent. drug and alcohol treatment programs for pregnant and postpartum women often provide residential and inpatient care with beds for clients children, and aftercare services to sober living programs with continuing outpatient therapy services available to them including medical services.

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