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Am I Addicted to Drugs?

People who are dependent on drugs or alcohol often ask this question, even if it's only privately. And the asking of the question is a danger sign in itself. When the situation is enough of a concern for the person to wonder, there's reason to worry.

Obviously, drugs are modern miracles. By far, more lives are saved through the use of medicines than are destroyed by addiction or misuse. There is drug use, abuse and there is addiction.

Drugs are essentially poisons. Used as directed they can cause changes which help someone to overcome an illness or to heal from an injury. But when taken in ways other than prescribed, they can cause other effects that were not intended. They can be harmful, damaging and addicting. For this reason, doctors and pharmaceutical companies are becoming more and more reluctant to write prescriptions for certain drugs unless absolutely necessary. Even then, when a patient pleads for a certain medication, doctors often relent and write the scripts.

But whether the doctor is convince or not, the patient is the one who knows more about their own medical conditions and if the drug 'Holliday' is really an extended vacation from sobriety.

To help someone become clear on whether they are addicted or not, I've listed several questions that will point to the truth and make it possible to see and face the reality: ADDICTED or NOT ADDICTED.

1.Have you taken more than the recommended dosage because the proper dose no longer produces the desired effect?

When drugs are used for an extended period of time, the body gains resistance to that substance and it seems to become less potent or effective. This is called tolerance and can lead to the consumption of larger and more dangerous doses. As the tolerance level for the drug grows, other dangerous aspects of addiction are also growing. Increased tolerance is one of the indications of addiction and shouldn't be taken lightly.

2.Do you attempt to hide or disguise the amounts you take?

Knowing the dosages are improper and border on abuse is something that the user rarely want's known by others, by parents or a spouse. At this point it's clear, at least to the patient that drug use has moved from simple use into abuse. But knowing this and continuing to use is also addiction.

3.Is it possible for you to stop taking the drug or drugs for a period as long as one week?

If you can go a week without the drug, good for you. You didn't further damage yourself for 7days. But if that week is a constant struggle to resist urges and cravings, don't lie to yourself, your addiction hasn't been beaten, just put on hold.

4.Do your friends or family complain about our drug use or try to have a "Heart to Heart Talk" with you?

Loved ones are always very concerned when someone they love is dependent or addicted. When they try to bring it up to you, do you reject them or try to prove that they're making something out of nothing? You HAVE a problem. Trust their care and their concern.

5.Have you lost work or a job because of drugs or alcohol use?

If this is the case, no need to look any further. You have a problem and the only question you to answer now is where will you go for the help you need.

Call for help. The longer you delay, the more difficult it will be. The sooner you call, the greater your chances of reclaiming your life.

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