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Drug Addiction Hijacks Life One Person at a Time.

Janette wakes up every day with a splitting headache that won't get better until she vomits, goes into the kitchen and pours a tumbler full of vodka. Somehow, just pouring the alcohol into the glass gives her a little relief. The living room is a mess, but shoving some papers and laundry aside she clears a place to sit, reaches for the TV remote control, turns on the last part of Oprah and takes four swallows of vodka.

The apartment is a three bedroom in a pretty nice complex. But she is the only person in it since her husband and two children left three months ago. It'll be empty soon if her unemployment check doesn't show up this week. Or maybe it already has, she doesn't know.

Janette also doesn't know that in the apartment upstairs, William is going through the same hell. His demon is heroin, but the scenarios are nearly identical. His wife and 2 year-old daughter left five weeks ago.

There is another apartment, a block away that is empty now because the former tenants, Jack and Marie were put out for lack of rent payments and died of overdoses in their mini-van. Fentanyl laced heroin took them both on the same night.

Drug or alcohol addiction doesn't always end in death, but it has to end somehow. Left untreated it will persist and continue to progress into a monster that will inevitably consume the addict while taking a huge bite out of the lives and hearts of families and loved ones.

The pity of it is that help IS available. It sometimes seems there is no hope, but a wise man once said, "Where there is Life, there is hope". Drug addicts and alcoholics have come back from the most unbelievable places. But people are different. The key is to find the right treatment for each individual person. That is likely true for addicts more than anyone. So the cookie cutter meetings approach will help a few but not the majority.

To salvage an individual, you must address that individual and treat them as needed. Treating individuals is what we do. And we have one of the highest success rates in the industry to show it. Call us today if you or a loved one is struggling with addiction.

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