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Rehab choices in Hawthorne, Nevada can range between residential, outpatient, long term rehab and various other options. Speaking with a drug and alcohol counselor who understands the differences in treatment can be an useful resource in picking the right rehab.

Effective Intervention Strategies - Hawthorne, NV.

There are several drug and alcohol intervention models that families in Hawthorne may want to use. The most popular among these consist of the Johnson Intervention Model, the Family Invitational Model, and the Systemic Intervention Model.

a) The Johnson Model

This is the model that most people envision when they hear about an intervention. This approach consists of confronting the addict when they least expect it, as well as showing them how their actions and behavior have been affecting both themselves as well as each one of the family members and friends.

The loved ones will then go on to insist that the addict accept treatment from a facility already set up by the family - going so far as to reiterate that they will offer their support throughout the process. If the addict refuses to go to the rehab program, the team will set guidelines outlining the consequences the addict will face in case they refuse to go to the rehab program.

This actual threat of consequences might be what makes the Johnson Model the most effective of all the intervention models. However, some loved ones may feel that it involves too much confrontation, and may prefer to go with another method.

b) The Family Invitational Model

This is another approach you may choose to employ. The main idea is that it doesn't make use of the surprise element of the previously discussed Johnson model. Instead, the addict will know what is going to take place when they are invited to the arranged meeting.

The addict will also be granted the choice to decide whether or not they want participate in the intervention meeting, as well as react to the issues and the proposed solutions raised in the discussion.

c) The Systemic Intervention Model

In this model, the loved ones will meet up with a professional therapist - with the addict also present. The therapist will help steer the dialog towards healing and discovering effective solutions to the problem - which may or may not involve the addict attending a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

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