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The city of Manchester is the 10th largest city in New England, and is located on the banks of the Merrimack River in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. The city had an estimated population of around 111,000 as of 2013, although it is part of a much larger metro area that is home to about 1/3 of the state's population. The city of Manchester is often ranked highly in regards to sustainability and living, and was recently ranked as one of the most affordable places to live as well as one of the best places to live and launch a business.

Because Manchester is one of the largest cities in New England, there are many residents to accommodate and think of when it comes to problems of drug or alcohol abuse and addiction. Residents and their families should know about all of the treatment options available to them, when drug or alcohol abuse has reached the point where intervention is needed. When someone is abusing drugs or alcohol, there is a common misconception that they have to reach rock bottom before they will be open to help. There is even a misconception that they have to want to be helped, but this really isn't statistically the case based on success rates of clients who may have ended up in rehab as a criminal justice client for example, or as the result of a successful intervention by friends and family. The point is, it is never too soon for help someone make it to rehab, by force or otherwise. Sometimes it takes an extra push and so coercion, but once they make it to rehab they will typically have much more clarity as they begin become abstinent and see how drugs or alcohol has negatively impacted their lives. Then they can be given the tools and wherewithal to better cope with the things in their lives they once turned to drugs or alcohol for, so that they can be truly rehabilitated.

Finding the Right Addiction Rehabilitation Program in Manchester, NH.

If you are struggling with substance abuse, or someone close to you is, the appropriate next step is to find an adequate addiction treatment center in Manchester. Still, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers differ in many ways - including location, setting, ease of access, convenience, treatment plans, and more. Thus, finding the proper one can prove to be a difficult process - with many addicted individuals asking whether it's best to go to a rehab program near home, in Manchester or further away in another state or city.

The foremost thing you first have to do, however, prior to even thinking about where you want to go to rehab is to acknowledge that you have an addiction problem and dedicate yourself to enrolling into the most appropriate rehab program, regardless of where it is located.

Yet, this may be easier said than done - which is why deciding on the right rehab program can be so daunting for many people. Since some people are very concerned about how going to addiction treatment will influence and affect their lives, others are concerned about what will happen to their present lives, such as with their employment, children, family, their home, bills, rent, etc. while they are away at the rehab program.

That said, the more information you obtain about addiction rehab and recovery - such as what you might expect when you enroll for treatment, the length of the program, and the cost, etc. - the simpler it will become for you to get started in rehab. This understanding might also prove to be the tipping point between full sobriety and recovery on the one hand and relapse on the other.

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NA meetings in Manchester:

  • Unitarian Universalist Church
    669 Union Street
    Manchester, NH. 03104

    Thursday - 12:00 PM
    Friday - 12:00 PM
    Wednesday - 12:00 PM
    Tuesday - 12:00 PM
    Monday - 12:00 PM
  • Saint Anne Saint Augustin Church
    383 Beech Street
    Manchester, NH. 03103

    Friday - 7:00 PM
  • Tirrell House
    15 Brook Street
    Manchester, NH. 03104

    Saturday - 7:30 PM
    Tuesday - 7:30 PM
  • New Horizons
    199 Manchester Street
    Manchester, NH. 03103

    Sunday - 6:00 PM
  • YMCA
    30 Mechanic Street
    Manchester, NH. 03101

    Saturday - 8:00 AM
  • Robinson House
    49 Manchester Street
    Manchester, NH. 03101

    Thursday - 7:30 PM
  • 404 Chestnut
    404 Chestnut Street
    Manchester, NH. 03101

    Monday - 7:00 PM
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