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Stratford, Connecticut was founded by the Puritans in 1639. Today, it is home to 51,384 residents (2010 census) and has a long legacy in aviation, the military and the theater. The town itself contains five islands in the Housatonic River, but none of them are habitable due to their low elevations. With several beaches, Roosevelt Forest, The Great Meadows Unit and The Great Salt Mash known as Lewis Gut there are many outdoor recreational activities for residents.

Connecticut drug rehab centers enroll residents of Stratford and other cities and towns. Their program participants range in age and backgrounds but all share a common struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol. The alcohol and drug rehab programs in Stratford, Connecticut and other areas of the state play an important part in helping residents break the cycle of addiction and begin to rebuild their lives. Drug rehab facilities range from inpatient or residential treatment to outpatient care as well as support groups. The right level of treatment is determined by the severity of the individual's addiction problem as well as their ability to commit to enrolling in an inpatient or residential program vs attending an outpatient drug rehab where they can maintain most aspects of their daily life.

Expectations at Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Stratford, CT.

In most instances, attending rehab in Stratford might be intimidating. However, don't worry, this does not have to be the case. Actually, many rehabilitation centers work very similar to any other form of adult education course.

The following should be included in the rehab program:

1. Clear Limits

The main goal of any treatment facility is to help you overcome your addiction, achieve a sober way of life, and to maintain your sobriety over the long haul. In most instance, the program will enforce clear - and sometimes strict - guidelines and rules.

These guidelines and rules are applied to ensure that the treatment facility is safe for everyone - clients and medics/therapists alike. As a result of these guidelines and rules, you will be able to create a clear routine, organize your life, and start drifting on the path to lasting rehabilitation.

Even though some will certainly oppose the rules and clear limits that the rehab program sets forth, those that choose to comply with them often wind up gaining the most from the rehab.

2. Daily Schedules

After you begin treatment at the rehabilitation facility in Stratford, you will mostly likely have to attend group therapy sessions on a daily basis or participate in a certain number of sessions weekly. These schedules are effective because they promote discipline, refine good habits, and help keep the client occupied and preoccupied with constructive activities. As such, when you begin the program, you might be told to just go with the flow.

3. Psychotherapy

Total abstinence typically requires that the rehab facility employs some form of treatment modalities. These modalities are beneficial when analyzing addictive behaviors and thoughts around addiction.

For instance, individual and group therapy and counseling may help you modify your thought patterns and behaviors, in addition to identifying any mental health issues you may be experiencing. The other psychological modalities that may be utilized at the drug rehabilitation program include:

4. Medications (Pharmacotherapy)

Even though not every recovering addict will need to take prescription medications, the doctors might still prescribe pharmacotherapy. Most of the drugs used are designed to handle any current or upcoming withdrawal symptoms, minimize cravings, or even treat any underlying mental health problems you might be suffering from - such as anxiety or depression.

Yet, you'll want to figure out the best plan of action by consulting with your substance abuse counselor. They will pinpoint you to the right place so long as you are honest about the condition you are experiencing.

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