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Not Your Grandma's Heroin

Times are changing. Drugs on the street today bear little resemblance to those of 40 or fifty years ago. Potency and purity are not the same. Prices are also all changed; this probably truer with Heroin than any other illegal drug.

Refined from a legal pain reliever called morphine, heroin has no accepted medical use in the U.S. and is listed by the United Stated Drug Enforcement Agency as a Schedule one drug, meaning it is illegal for any use whatever. Schedule one drugs are also considered to have a very high potential for abuse.

In a report from June of 2016, the US Drug Enforcement Agency stated that Heroin use and overdose deaths are increasing dramatically, particularly in the Northeast States, New England and in the upper and central Midwest portions of the United States.

Like heroin, many of the most widely used and potent pain relievers are based on the drug morphine. Morphine is derived from opium, a substance extracted from the seed pods of certain types of poppies. All drugs based on morphine are addictive if taken improperly or for extended periods of time.

But now the game is changing. Versions of heroin that are actually combinations of heroin and other powerful opioids are hitting the streets in cities and rural areas and throughout the United States.

The synthetic drug, Fentanyl, a prescription pain killer that is used to treat chronic pain in cancer patients and which is many times more potent that pure heroin, is being manufactured illegal in clandestine laboratories in the US and in China is being mixed into doses of heroin.

Fentanyl is so powerful that even a small amount can cause overdose and death if absorbed through the skin. Because it can be manufactured inexpensively, pushers are mixing fentanyl with the heroin they're selling in the US and literally making a killing. Adding such a powerful and less expensive additive can stretch a dealer's product, give a mediocre product some serious increase in apparent potency and can be sold directly to the consumers as well. Both legal and counterfeit Fentanyl is blamed for thousands of deaths around the Country every year.

In the end, there is no safe opiate drug. Whether of natural sources or synthesized in a laboratory, the addictive potential is extreme, the dangers of overdose are much higher than with almost any other drug and the class of people you begin to deal with on a daily basis is beyond alarming. If you see yourself or a loved one going down that rabbit-hole, take action, today. Time is the enemy of any drug addicted person. A week could make the difference between life and death.

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