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Getting off of the Drug Rehab Merry-Go-Round

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation counselors are never surprised to be working with someone who has previously attended multiple other treatment centers. Stories of ten and even twenty rehab programs which were all followed by relapse and reversion to prior habits are not uncommon.

After so many tries and failures it's no wonder the idea that drug and alcohol addiction is incurable has gained credence even among professional addiction specialists. But millions of people who seemed at one time to be hopelessly addicted HAVE overcome their habits and gone on to live lives free of substance abuse. What did they know that others don't? What was the method or the path they walked to come out of the addiction trap and live life again drug-free again?

First of all, they had help. Don't believe for a minute that a truly addicted person can just sit-down one day and change the habits of a lifetime and stop drinking or drugging without having the support of another. Addiction means the person doesn't stop in spite or repeated attempts.

The old saying that the addict just has to want to quit, and if he or she doesn't quit, then they must not want to, is bunk. Addicts never want to be an addict. The trouble is they don't know HOW to quit. So they simply slip right back into the soup, (or the weed, or the junk).

When a person leaves treatment, he or she is determined to stay sober, and if that isn't the case, they were never really IN treatment. But on the way home from the rehab program it becomes very clear that the environment hasn't changed. All the temptations and all the triggers into which they fell in the past are still there. These are traps they were caught in before. Traps like:

Some triggers are not merely reminders; they are major situations to be faced everyday:

Because it is the nature of drug addiction, almost all people with addictions are struggling with financial difficulties and/or relationship problems. These must be solved to continue recovery. They are all things that can lead to relapse and reversion and here were go again. Back on the merry-go-round.


It is essential that in rehabilitation treatment, a person gains the skills needed to live a life that is stable, respectable and relatively stress free.

Learning to have stability is essential. The roller coaster life style from the past was so stressful that it led the addict back to drugs every time. A rehab program must teach the ways to avoid the ups and downs in life and live a life of stability.

Respectability. Without respectability, a person in recovery cannot hold up his or her head or look someone directly in the eye. They're hiding. Again, a solid and successful treatment program will give the recovering addict the life-skill, to have self-respect.

Finally, it isn't possible to live a life that has no stress, not in this day and age. So in a true rehab program you will gain the strength and knowledge to rise above the stress and meet it head-on, without any doubt you can and will overcome it.

Find a program a program that stresses each of these essential life-skills. Then get into it and work it for all you're worth. You'll come around.

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